Some of our references

Customer Project Location Date
KOG A/S Statoil Spools for producted water. As per 23.05.96 no defects reported. (PW) Gullfaks A 1993
KOG A/S Statoil 6-12" Spools ID - Crude oil Gullfaks A 1994
KOG A/S Statoil 12" x 8" Water Injection ID Gullfaks C 1998

Statoil Thrustere Åsgard A 1998
Norsk Hydro ASA Electrostatic water separator. As per 16.02.97 the inspection from NH concluded no defects. Oseberg B 1995
Siemens / Saga All electric motors Vigdis 1996
Siemens / Statoil /Saga / Hydro Electric Motors* All platforms 1996-98

Norsk Hydro ASA Valves and tubes Oseberg A 1995
Norsk Hydro ASA 12" Heavy wall tube ID - Crude oil Mongstad 1995
Aker Stord / NH Riser tubes - Bellmouths Njord 1997
Umoe / NH Inspection and control at Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ulsan, South Korea Troll C 1998

Norsk Hydro ASA Heavy lift crane Oseberg F 1995
Local Farmers Equipment for Industrial grass cutting Dimmelsvik 1995
Tinfos Titan & Iron KS Slurry Tank for gas cleaning Tyssedal 1997
HSD AS MS Baronen portable water tanks and cooling system Møre 1995

KOG AS: Kvearner Oil & Gas AS
Umoe : Umoe olje og gass AS
* Contract by CeRam-Kote (North Sea) Ltd.